Ultimate free sms airtel tricks 2013 is an revolutionary trick for all airtel,idea users might be for other users too test by your own.This free sms trick works with out no hidden costs and its absolutly free .As far the trick wont require you any internet service or else gprs service.

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Whats this trick gives you:

This trick will provide a way to send free sms from your mobile that to free with out any single penny expense (as its free in airtel and idea now)
This trick can serve you to send free sms from your mobile using various gateways like as below
  • FullOnSms (working)
  • Site2sms
  • Way2sms
  • Ultoo
As far i consider this will works free for airtel and idea users and this is verified trick by me. and i consider this trick will work for below areas.
  • andhra pradesh
  • assam
  • bihar
  • chennai metro
  • delhi_metro
  • gujarat
  • himachal pradesh
  • haryana
  • jammu kashmir
  • karnataka
  • kerala
  • kolkata metro
  • mumbai metro
  • maharashtra
  • madhya pradesh
  • northeast
  • orissa
  • punjab
  • rajasthan
  • tamil nadu
  • uttar pradesh east
  • uttar pradesh west
  • west bengal
So Other than this you can many more benifits from this service provided by http://55444.in .you can see my previous trick on free sms for all networks, old idea gprs trick,airtel one rupee video trick.

How to use this trick:

As far this trick works using free sms site gateways before going to this trick please get account from any of above mentioned sites.Once you are ready with username and password then you can takeoff to the trick.
< Pre requisite >
For the first time you using this then first you have to login using below format:
reg is keyword so leave as it is
number its login user id for your site most probably your mobile number used for registration
Password its password you used to login
Siteprovider the site which you want to use like fullonsms , site2sms , ultoo , way2sms etc
As far fullonsms working properly so use fullonsms.
complete example example
#smsfree reg  999999999 baba fullonsms and send it to 55444(airtel) or 55577(idea)
<send sms go>
Once you are login you are done for free sms sending pre process
Option: use
1-send sms
2-create group
3-send to group
4-account setting
5-view group members (for more option just send #smsfree to number given above for airtel and idea)
ToNumber: number to whom you want send sms.
Message: your message
See below example to send sms to 8989898989 and messga as hello buddy
#smsfree 1 8989898989 hello buddy and send to 55444 or 55577
only one time <pre requsite> step required later on go with <send sms go>
55444 charge you rupee 1 for daily so use this trick below 1rupee to avoid no balance deduction. but for idea also try this.Other networks users also can try this at your own intension

you can see how to trace mobile number name ,location,operator and balance of mobile  in my previous article.Hope you like my articles, please populate us by sharing if you like my article, have a nice day.