Google Adsense application rejected then dont worry i got solution to resolve the page type error you got and relavent solution in a understandable format.So that your Google  adsense application will approve quickly. This solution is purely based on the experience which i gained after applying for Google Adsense I want to give my experience in this tutorial so that your Apllication Approved Quickly.I guess you have gone through my previous post how to increase pageviews for better google rank  using dofollow link, protect your blog from copy(plagiarism). ( Note:google logo right reserves with google.I just using for user understanding.Its just for educational purpose )

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This tutorial is for who applied and got rejected and for those who going to apply in future.Its irritates when we got Rejected and also lose hope in applying.please be patience there is great saying Price baby wont recognize with out crown .Unless until you present your blog,website in proper manner Adsense wont approve lets see the page type errors and page issues and approach to solve these.

Copyrighted or copy content issue:

This will occur due to usage of copyrighted content,images,copy paste content from other websites .
Solution : Dont remove the backlinks or else desiner credits in your template.If you using any content copy pasted add backlink to that site like source from that sitename.If using images do same and even better upload image on your own rather than linking back to same site.

Insufficient Content error:

This is the most frequent issuse by which every one faces.Although you have 50+ posts still gets this issue.
Solution:The reason behind this is even you have 50+ posts google considers your content as crap because your each post should have more than atleast 300 words.Better provide articles with 500 words around 15 posts and it should be reside for few days i mean the posts should be atleast 10 days old before you apply.

PageNavigation error or Poor navigation:

This what your template reveals about your blog.Means your home page not navigating to all content your page.
Solution: Add archieved pages widget if you are blogger else add all links in one page name it as sitemap like wise.Add page numbers for better navigation see my post how to add pagenumbers plugin widget to blogger.Add menu to your page,Add categories or labels in expanded manner not like dropdown list.

Non Complienece with Google Adsense Terms:

This is improper usage of content keywords,domain selection,mature content in your blog
Solution: remove the keywords else alter them which not suits for google adsense,Add your own privacy policy in your site,avoid free domain which are not fitted with google.

Insufficient traffic :

Solution: Make users stick to your content add random posts you can get how to add random posts here, you should have more pageviews see here how to increase pageviews.

Meta tags error or design error:

This is why because poor design of your site and google faces problem in crawl to your site.
Solution: Make seo optimized site, custom page error pages,proper meta tags using these you can solve this issue

Other changes you should do:

Add contact page you can see my article on how to add blogger official contact page, seo optimized templates for clear navigation, About page,Privacy Policy page, attributes about author page.

Things before you apply for Adsense:

  • Your domain/web site/blog should be 6 months old(for indians).
  • Your blog should resolve issues(if you already applied and rejected)
  • Remove un necessary java/ajax script to reduce page burden
  • You should recieve atleast 100 unique users per day.
Then see the magic your application will approve very quickly, Have a great day.