Hello there here i want to give the quick weight loss tips for all persons who suffering from heavy weight like me.this tips can you awake you quickly from your obesity with in less span of time. i can say this will definitely works as a personal doctor. before that have a look on my previous topic Bright bank career for all graduates , My imagination on thinking to make my country india rich (i am foolish to think this ).well lets get into our weight loss tips.

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The top diet planners and many nutrition expert also propose you take some exercise and give a list of tips but i never say you change your attitude else spend more time on your diet but my simple words makes it possible for you.

Top weight loss mantras:

  1. Divide rule : nothing you will be having a habit to have food in morning,afternoon,night do it partition into three more like 6am ,9am,12noon,3pm,6pm,9pm. means eat same quality but in partitioned way
  2. Sleep more: obviously this work you more as of doctors advice you not less than 6 hours sleep i recommend you 7-8 hours sleep(dont scold me seeing this time for sleeping).
  3. Friends time: well this tip wont reduce your weight directly but works inversely. spend time with your friends at least one hour talking then directly so that you will free from stress which leads you good health and make you forget from hungry.
  4. Be lazy: Yes be lazy in taking food like take half food  what you consume regularly. this makes sense your brain to work sharply.
  5. Drink more eat less : Oops i don't mean you drink other than water and juices.
  6. Stop sleeping after eating: please make sure that you should take atleast minimum 2 hours gap between your eating and sleeping.
  7. Have a small walk : daily at-least have 50minutes of walking . so that it will reduce reduce fat as well as petrol expenses.
  8. Play with pets: it will also reduce your weight as you play with pets it may reduce your weight too.
 Hope see you slim soon after properly following this tips, go slim go healthy. have a bright day.