Hello all this is not post which i regularly post but its fact about our india. my previous post regarding my new 3d concept , and the suggestions for buying a new mobile. all are different but this is different . i dont want to waste your time lets get into the topic.
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What exactly i want to say:

                            From my kinder garden education i am listening india is a developing country now i completed my post graduation still i hearing the same word INDIA is a developing country but i want to change this as india is developing developed country. then how can i do this well is it hard to achieve this?, is this a day dream ? , or else we dont want this at all? . if you keep hand in your heart and said this you will get answers well its not IMPOSSIBLE but it can be made POSSIBLE exactly it can be made.
                           As far i guess the reasons behind this why we not achieved india as a rich country i figured the following reasons well these might be true or else false but as far my knowledge its true lets see
  • Indian Rupee value is low
  • Lots of illiterates 
  • Lack of money
  • Lack of TeamWork
  • Improper knowledge on india
  • selfishness
  • Addicted for word FREE
well its true that above reasons are absolutely true .

Reasons behind my confidence making india rich :

                             Well as far i guess this can be achieved with in no time, the reasons which i made this decision is as far compared to the developed or else rich countries is simple and quite reasonable like as below are few to support to make india position in top:
  • We have people with high education and with powered intelligence but working for other countries
  • We have huge money but hiding in swiss bank
  • We have lots of new ideas and youngsters but lack of support
  • We are highly motivated but stuck in the free world expecting every thing to get free
  • Every one have idea about INDIA but dont have the proper knowledge on our country

 What you have to do to achieve india as rich:

                               We all know the things previously but think in different way :
  1. Try to use the indian products and reduce the imported one
  2. Be a indian from heart not from words
  3. Encourage youngsters coming with new ideas
  4. Dont be possessive while electing our leaders but be an indian
  5. We have many indian products for our daily needs use them make our income more
  6. Stop importing the foreign products this makes the imports less and leads to increase our rupee value
  7. Work for india try to make india proud
  8. Educate the people in politically and make them fit economicaly
  9. If we literate the people we are laying steps for our moto making india developed country

hope i can see the india developed country as well as rich country soon.
Note: this is entirely my personal opinion, its no where related to hurt other feelings else in any other manner,its just for education and entirely depends o my imagination dont feel bad if i am wrong, please excuse me if i am wrong .
have a nice day