Hi all this is the official launch of airtel people for all its airtel users this if free as its from official from airtel company itself,its powered by GOOGLE as its merging offer from Google and airtel to all Indian users before going to this trick please have a look on previous trick aircel free 3g morning pack details here , simpossible revolutionary network from aircel with lots of free offers , free sms sending from all networks with out internet here, lets get into our trick
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Whats free in this airtel freezone offer:

  1. Gmail: yes gmail is free you can check mails,you can send mails,you can download attachment,you can upload attachments, you can get into external liks if so you will be charged
  2. Google+: yes plus.google is free in this freezone offer you can do things what ever you can do like add circles,add friends, chat with friends, exchange data with friends
  3. Google: yes you can browse google unlimited with conditioned browsing that is you can browse or else i can say search but visiting the external links may burden with data charges

What to do get this offer:

  Absolutly this is working for free internet or we can say free gprs for all airtel users like gmail,plus google,gmail for getting this offer you have to visit the below links from your phone browser only then you will get the freezone in your mobile have fun on it

whats hidden logic in this offer:

you are limited to 1gb for every moth and when ever you visit the external link you will charged, see the free sign in page and do your free work, you can see the airtel live tv application working for free here
have a nice day.