Voila yes it true you can earn 300 per month for sure with out  downloading any apps . no need of root also.Taskbucks is App provide money as return for sharing articles and downloading sponsored apps lets rock this using our own trick working like charm.

How Taskbucks paying 300 per month:

  • Taskbucks pays 2/- for sharing one article
  • One day you can share 5 articles means 5x2=10/- per day
  • In a month we can take 30 days 30x10=300/-
  • As far i consider this calculation will change and if taskbucks reduce sharing article as 1/- then ur earning will be 150/-

Trick to get money:

Step to get TaskBuck and getting registered with Account: (if u have account already skip this step)

  • First download Taskbucks from here Link
  •  Now register Enter your mobile number, email will taken automatically
  • in Reference code use DA7EUV (not mandatory if use better)
  • once sms verification done you will be in welcome page showing different apps
  • its your first move so download at least one app and earn few bucks

Step to get unlimited money sharing article:

Method 1:(Manual sharing) 
  1. Download any 6 mobile browsers like ucweb,apus,chrome,firefox,3g browser,boat browser.. so on
  2. install in mobile 
  3. Now create a new group in Whatsapp eg: here i taking gugly4u_gang as group name
  4. while creating group just add any one number else your extra number
  5. Now go to Taskbucks navigate to Stories Located on Top
  6. Select any article click on share and select whats app
  7. Now share this article to our previously created group like gugly4u_gang as example
  8. Now open whatsapp and group
  9. you will find the link to read article
  10. open link in browsers one by one total 6 different browsers
  11. Now 2/- rs will be added in tasbucks you wll get sms
  12. repeat from 5-10 steps above untill you finish 5 stories
Method 2: (using UseLess App V2.0 automated)
  1.  Note: This trick working but no use. As taskbucks account are blocking we can't recharge nor even transfer bucks. to use this method no need of install external extra browsers my app is more than enough
  2. Useless is App done by us
  3. Download UseLess app from our blog
  4. Now go to Taskbucks navigate to Stories Located on Top
  5. Select any article click on share and select whats app
  6. No need of sharing to group can share to any one friend else do a fake group like above method and share
  7. Just click on article link (eg: http://tbk.bz/p98cdw)
  8. in suggested apps our UseLess app appear select it and click just once
  9. Now type Load Count as 6 (your wish can be any thing but more than 6 as we need to read 6 times the story)
  10. Type seconds you want to time slot as interval for page load and closing from 5-50 your wish i recommend 15 
  11. Option to check own identity first check with out checking this if not worked then check this option
  12. Click on Power Button
  13. wait for few seconds
  14. Voila you are on 
  15. Please be noted this app trick working on Almost all mobiles if found bug please contact us

Watch video how to use UseLess App for this trick:

Once your earning reach 20(min payout) you can transfer to paytm account(per day max 30 can be transferred)
Hope you guys like article enjoy the day.. feel free to query your doubts here contact us