How to get unlimited likes in Instagram with out any surveys free working trick latest 2015 as of my title suggests its true you can get as many likes as u want on the go finger tips . no need to go through surveys, no need to pay any thing, no need much knowledge, except your little brain

So i don't wana waste your valuable time before posting any trick i will work on it . so here i worked on random pic taken and applied on it check the proof

How to get likes for free with in few hours:

  1. Download CHEATDROID from the link given below.
  2. Install the apk but do not open it just now.
  3. Next, download the INSTALIKE app from the link given below.
  4. Open the INSTALIKE app and input your instagram username and password.
  5. All your credentials will be encrypted and will not be hacked.
  6. Afte you have succesfully logged in using INSTALIKE , you will see a get Like button on the bottom right corner of the app (refer screenshots)
  7. Press Get Likes.
  8. On the top you will see your credits which you can use to get likes on any picture you choose below.
  9. But the problem is that you would have only 30/60 credits/coins.
  10. So the solution, CHEATDROID.
  11. Open CHEATDROID.
  12. Scroll and find INSTALIKE in the app list.
  13. Click on INSTALIKE.
  14. Scroll and and find UserPoints.xml.
  15. Click on it and edit the the number given to a desired value (not more that 10000)
  16. Next, close all apps and open INSTALIKE again.
  17. Now you will see that you will have that number of credits that you edited in UserPoints.xml
  18. Now choose from any pictures below and press get likes.
  19. Choose how many like you want (again not more than 10000) and done.
  20. Now wait a few hours so the apps gets it unique Likes for your photo.
  21. If your coins on instalikes gets over then enjoy on more photos by repeating steps 11 to 18.
Download Links:

>> instalike app download now
>> cheat droid download now

hope u like my tutorial happy sharing and happy tricking