Hi all gugly4u lovers here i am back with the latest remoded airtel ultimate trick which will definetly works for all airtel users and its 100% works as this offer officialy launched by airtel so no need to fear of hidden charges but the thing is we just modifing to get it unlimited usage that too for free usage untill befor going to topic have a glance on my previous tricks free vpn for docomo users, free sms trick for all mobile network users working, airtel working latest arrival hosts free ,airtel free live tv app for buffered less world in your hand, aircel ultimate trick ever before for free gprs 2g and 3g for mobile and pc .

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Airtel company always tries to ruin its competetors with their brilliant ofers but unfortunatly no one is genius in this world still airtel places its possition tough tug for all other network operators now it launched free usage of HIKE MESSENGER its a messanger which can be use for free with out bounds in airtel for 3 months literaly speaks its 90 days free offer for all its airtel users we can guess its a dusera offer even we can predict as dewali offer too. we are not afraid of what this offers are we only concern with free world so use this offer as much as you can so that we can use max usage from all benifits.lets get into procedure.

Mobile users can see steps and tutorial how to use it for free:

Nothing to elobrate my tutorial just have a glance that by this offer we got new free ip or even i can say new free host that is get.hike.in  so just use this ip instead f my previous free ips even they are working but have a try with this ip see here how to use free ips for unlimited usage of 2g and 3g gprs for free . have fun .

Pc users i mean computer / laptop users see tutorial below:

  1. All this trick work with out VPN so no need to download any configuration fles but if you are interested in vpn airtel trick just have a look here .
  2. First you need PD PROXY client to make use of this trick so just download from here if you dont have account previously signup here (its free)
  3. Now once you done with above step just install pd proxy client and if using windows7/8 just run the pd proxy as administrator
  4. Now in pd proxy click on advance settings then click on proto option and check TCP port as 443
  5. Now enable parent proxy (just check the check box and set the settings) IP as and port as 3128
  6. last step click on headers  type Host:get.hike.in/X-Online-Host:get.hike.in/ now click on save and back, just connect your mobile with apn airtelgprs.com to pc and run your pd proxy and click on connect
  7. enjoy the free work
feel free to ask your queries just contact us with contact page so that we can clarify your queries, have a nice day.