Hell all ! after a long time i am back with 11 in 1 vpn pack this is the ultimate working vpn trick for all users i mean every network users Airtel,Aircel,Vodafone,Reliance,Docomo even it may work for Idea,Uninor,Simpossible users too but at present i worked on few so don't mind Rest users. See my previous all in all anroid mobile vpn trick here, free sms trick for all network operators trick ,trace mobile number even trace mobile number know balance of the users too free ,Simpossible unlimited internet trick working one.

Know Speciality of this vpn:

Benifits of this VPN:

  • Its 100% sure working as i tested this ( your job is to check how much speed comming in your mobile? )
  • Provides anti cencorship security
  • Loaded with torrent support configuration servers 
  • No disconnection problem ( i tried to config may be this problem arises in some areas)
  • No need to Register,No need to pay money
  • Its Free totally

 Limits of this VPN:

  • Speed totally depends on your operator and signal strength
  • Downloading speed is limited
  • On time server depends on the online users count
  • Limited time offer 

Tutorial How to Use :

  1.  To use vpn service you need vpn client software so download orginal NMDVPN client from here (direct link)
  2. Later quickly download my 11 in 1 config files from here (direct link)
  3. Install NMDVPN client and extract zip file you will find config folder
  4. Now copy this folder and replace config folder located in programfiles/nmdvpn/  
  5. If prompt for replace yes or no click YES
  6. Now you are just ready But not yet to use you need to do some changes in your config files so see below+ procedures according to your network.


1)In config folder you find different config files naming like sp_config1,config1, like these.Just open these files using notepad and find below Words

2)Replace above two words with below one
repeat this for all config files.


for Aircel users you have to use en.m.wikipedia.com to replace step1 above words


Just make use of m.twitter.com or t.co to replace words which mention above
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