This is the worst record for India , Indian rupee fell by 264 paise against Dollar and ended at 68.83 on Wednesday that is 28/8/13 This results the gold price to hike more and its become a day dream to buy for a common man. If this is case then Dollar may be reach 100 rupee mark. The great collapse of this rupee is one side and our politicians are in run for vote bank by announcing new schemes like FOOD SECURITY BILL how they can arrange funds for all these i don't have idea even the crime rate rate is also more like Mumbai gang rape, big scams in this suitvation rupee fall leads to more fall of gdp india.
                         As a normal man i can guess this rupee fall may lead to hike prices in common need like petrol price,electronic goods even experts having doubt that the all home needs may incure a hike of around 10%-15% hike in its price.
                      I guess indian people where in confuse whether to celebrate sri krishnastami ( its a festival done on LORD KRISHNA birthday known as janmastami) else they have to pity on the rupee fall.
                    Dollar VS RUPEE This problem can be solved only one way that is we have to reduce the import gold this is the only way we can do this . we can stop the dollar running towards 100 mark for rupee is just stop importing gold, even i guess if we adicted for usage of local goods this may even get our rupee to rise again. Every one know that import and exports can lead the way to currency. well i have already written a article on how to make india rich its totaly fiction based my guessing please have a look on this here, have a look on budget quad core mobiles for all users who like to have a best mobile in the budget even to a common man, have a look on my concept to have new look for 3d movies and telivisions
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