Free calls for all networks working for free with out any hidden cost this will work free calls from mobile to mobile and Pc to mobile,This trick also lets you get free sms but i concentrate on free callsYou can see my free sms trick for airtel idea in my post,how to make unlimited calls using online voip service, i have already posted my app on free tv here works free with free chanels for airtel users.

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This trick provides method how to make free unlimited calls .

What exactly with this trick:

  • Gives free 20 credits to CALL
  • Gives free 20 credits to SMS
  • Never mind you will get unlimited calls
  • No call limit
  • Call will last untill you cut the CALL
  • This provide Mobile 2 Mobile calls
  • You can call from your mobile itself
  • Free TRAIL for week (I least bother about this)

Here is step by Step for making free calls :

  1. First you have to register a free account so go here to make free account
  2. Once you are done and ready with password then continue to below steps
  3. Ok now visit this link login with details which you registereded in step 1
  4. Now see the below image and fill as i mentioned (please click on image to see in large)
    mobile free calls,mobile to mobile free calls,working tricks
  5. Enter Campain name there enter numeric name like eg:345
  6. In Enter contact numbers enter the same in above step you used
  7. Select the voice file which it gives by default (means click on the radio button)
  8. Now click on Play and forward call now small box appears saying forward call to in that enter your friend number else whom you want to call
  9. Now click on Next (before clicking check have you done with the steps i mentioned)
  10. Now new window will appear as below image. (if you cant see properly just click on image)
    mobile free calls,call for free,no charge
  11. Now its very important step In Test yourself enter your number dont be hurry click on Test now wait for few seconds now you will get call just pick up the call now the voice says wait we connecting customer support never get tense your partner i mean the number you entered in step8 will get call .
  12. once your friend lift call both can talk for unlimited no time limit,nor even no hidden charges
Mvaayoo gives free trail for one week your account will works for one week later you have to buy credits . every one know if we want have more trail period then more accounts
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Have a nice day, you get every thing clear