Hi there here i want to share the complete c programming tutorials which is base for all programming language.C language lays foundation for all other programming language. Apart from this tutorial you can find other video tutorials completely in my blog you can find the complete android video tutorials about 200 videos completely with list of tutorials here  . lets get into the C-language tutorials.

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Why to learn c-language :

                     As of i already mention its lays foundation for all other programming language with out the prior knowledge of c you cant get easily cope-up with other programming language like java,.net,android, and many more .
               One should posses good knowledge on c and c++ before going to the other programming language. This tutorial guide every one as a virtual tutor for all those who are eager to learn the C programming language , this tutorial guide you to learn the introduction,basics,variables,loops,functions,random numbers,switch conditions and lots more concepts regarding the c language .

Complete guide to c programming language :

 I have collected this complete video tutorial from the huge youtube.com website and i was thanks to thenewboston for providing this valuable content below is embed youtube with all play list :

Complete list you learn in above tutorial video with links located below :
hope you like my post , i will keep updating other tutorials too, keep visiting us,have a nice day.