Aircel Offers Free Access to Wikipedia to all its users which is an revolutionary thing for all those who don't know any thing tries to know some thing. Every mobile operator in a race to offer free some thing to all its users this is a free war with in the networks for winning the customers strength Previously its time for airtel freezone to access free gmail,google+,google search offer,Later on Reliance made a revolutionary thing introducing free access to twitter,Vodafone twitter offer oh no how lucky we are
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I always tried to find some thing new from all these offers,And i want to have a free world for all gugly4u users that's what i work hard for getting best from the official offers by telecom operators.I do nothing just having look at loop holes and try to do some thing new which can be utilized with maximum benefits and fully satisfaction.Just like real estate people finds the land constructs the building and sells for more profit i do same thing finding free offers and building latest working tricks and giving it free to all my g4u lovers.

Wikipedia Offer By aircel and URL formats:

Aircel offering free access to Wikipedia through those who want to view the wikipedia in their favorite language then use the url format as Just replace XX with your language code i providing few language codes which i collected from internet
af = Afrikaans
sq = Albanian
eu = Basque
bg = Bulgarian
be = Belarusian
ca = Catalan
hr = Croatian
cs = Czech
da = Danish
nl = Dutch (Standard)
en = English
et = Estonian
fo = Faeroese
fa = Farsi
fi = Finnish
fr = French (Standard)
gd = Gaelic (Scotland)
ga = Irish
de = German (Standard)
el = Greek
he = Hebrew
hi = Hindi
hu = Hungarian
is = Icelandic
id = Indonesian
it = Italian (Standard)
ja = Japanese
ko = Korean
ko = Korean (Johab)
lv = Latvian
lt = Lithuanian
mk = Macedonian (FYROM)
ms = Malaysian
mt = Maltese
no = Norwegian (Bokmal)
no = Norwegian (Nynorsk)
pl = Polish
pt = Portuguese (Portugal)
rm = Rhaeto-Romanic
ro = Romanian
ru = Russian
sz = Sami (Lappish)
sr = Serbian (Cyrillic)
sr = Serbian (Latin)
sk = Slovak
sl = Slovenian
sb = Sorbian
es = Spanish (Spain)
sx = Sutu
sv = Swedish
th = Thai
ts = Tsonga
tn = Tswana
tr = Turkish
uk = Ukrainian
ur = Urdu
ve = Venda
vi = Vietnamese
xh = Xhosa
ji = Yiddish
zu = Zulu
See example : (to access in ukranian)
As far using Wikipedia through third party may costs you i mean they will charge you third party means using browsers like opera,ucweb,bolt etc. Dont worry i had trick for getting free this in pc browsers,mobile so on

How to use this for unlimited browsing and downloading:

How to use this free in PC (or) Laptop (or) Computer :
  • First You Need An vpn Client like NMDVPN you can Download here(direct link)
  • Then you need config files which can get you free internet Download them here (Direct link)
  • Now install the nmdvpn( just double click NMDVPN.exe file from rar file you downloaded from step1)
  • Now extract the config you downloaded select all files located in folder you extracted and paste them all files in your c:\programfiles\nmdvpn\config\(paste here)
  • Connect your mobile or Dongle (which ever having Aircel sim) to Pc using Aircelgprs APN
  • Now execute nmdvpn and click on connect using any config file
  • Voila you are in free world now
You maight be interested in how to use official twitter trick for free internet for vodafone users unlimited trick see here ,Same way reliance made unlimited with free twitter access trick here.
How to use this Aircel offer For unlimited Gprs 3g 2g in Mobile:
  • All you need your Favorite handler application just have a look here the official handler page.
  • Grab any handler and install in your mobile
  • Now use aircel wap settings or aircel gprs settings as default settings in your mobile
  • Now open the application you installed now in handler menu scroll down
  • Find Proxy Type and select RealHost
  • Proxy server below that type
  • Save settings and start let the app to install this trick can work even in anroid mobiles too
If you not getting realhost trick not working then make use of frone query try to use these front queries found here just replace free_ip wit the above one ie
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Have a great day , feel free to post your queries.