Hello all after my tutorials on how to add page numbers in blogger, here i want to give tutorial on how to increase your blogger / blogspot pageviews instantly for better seo so that blog page rank will increase instantly you can have a look before going to this tricks css button bubble animation trick , keyboard effect for blogger wordpress like  so lets get into tutorials right below
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  1. SEO OPTIMIZED  TRICKS BLOGGER : seo optimization is the best and foremost trick for all bloggers,seo plays keyrole in making your blogger most popular so you must add metatags in head of your blog so that its get linked in the search engine see my post here how to optimize blogger seo for better pageviews seo optimization is essential for all bloggers.  
  2. RELATED POSTS TRICK BLOGGER :Yes, if you want users to stick with your blog then you should attract with your content else make them feel you have enough stuff for there need you can find how to add related post with thumb nails blogger here 
  3. PAGEVIEWS USING PAGE NAVIGATION RANDOM POSTS :you can increase pageviews by adding page numbers in your post see how to add page numbers in blogspot / blogger here , and at same time you should popular your previous stuff too so its better to have random posts widget trick see here random post with round corner here tutorial , normal page numbers with css here lets do more with page and random tricks. 
  4. METATAG REFRESH TRICK FOR MORE PAGEVIEWS :well i wont recommend this for blogger having google adsense approved but this is best for new bloggers just add below tag before </head> tag
    <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="10">
    If you want to refresh page for every 5seconds then change 10 to 5 else what ever seconds you like with that number  
  5. BLOGGER SUBMITION TO MAJOR SEARCH ENGINE :last but not least you must submit your blog to allmost all search engine here i provide tutorial on how to submit blogger to search engine here
hope you like my tutorial ,have a nice day,keep in touch for more updates