Hello all after my lots of posts i decided to write a post on what you should look before buying a mobile phone,phablet,tablet,tablet pc,smart phone,smart mobile,which you choose before buy weather cheap or expense , this post gives you an idea on how to buy the smart phone else tablet with in your budget

Whats this tutorial about ?

  • Absolutely nothing if you not intend to buy a new gadget for you 
  • Every thing brief idea if you intend to buy a new gadget and a short and good idea about the latest gadget you want to buy

What should you see before you buy?

  1.  Processor : yes you should give priority for the mobiles/tablets/phablets/fablets having high end processor like more than 1.2ghz i preffer for quad core processor rather than dual core (see geonee gpad2,milagrow,umi mobile for quad core processor)
  2. RAM : next to most important pont is ram for those who adictive for playing games definetly choose ram above 512mb that too opt for ddr3 ram ( see swipe fablet f1,gionee,milagrow,umi for DDR3 rams)
  3. BLUETOOTH : definetly i will say bluetooth version 4adp is prefferable for the best option and for better sharing
  4. Battery : preffer the mobiles,smart phones above 2100mhz for better battery backup and for long life batteries
  5. Ports : now a days almost all provided with hdmi ports and usb ports dont opt for dual hdmi ports its my personal advice
  6. Sensors : G sensor for playing games better than proximity sensor,light sensor for gesture 
  7. Camera : better opt more than 5 Mega pixel Hd , dont go for with out led flash one
  8. WIFI / GPS / 2G / 3G : definitely with out these one gadget is dumb for me (a gps with geo taging is prefferable)
  9. 3D : dont be foolish for opting this many apps there to see this feature so keep aside this feature
  10. Software : i always prefer you go with ANROID which is open source and having tons of apps available in google market and same time search in google,bing sites you will get in tons i preffer you opt for jelly bean,ginger bread 2.3+,icream sand witch (i personally say and my personal feeling anroid mobile is far better than windows mobile  )

Whats then which mobiles to choose ?

  1. gionee gpad g2 avialable for rs.11975/- (IND)
  2. UMi x2 - rs.1400/-
  3. milagrow 7.16c - rs.9995/-
hope you all like my post and got an idea on buying online, and i guess it might helpfull for you.
have a nice day